Building a house from clay and straw

We take part in the construction of a clay house virtually, from digging for foundations, through the foundations, bracings and walls, to the green roof.

Permaculture farm

We get to know the variety of plants and crops in the garden zones of the entire farm - a well-designed farm provides excellent yields, a clean environment and a good rest.

Setting up a permaculture garden

We set up a flower and herbal, year-round permaculture garden - a difficult name, but it is an interesting garden job, with layers of twig, nettles, manure and soil mulch. Composing and planting plants. And lots of fun!

Clay plastering

How to prepare a mixture of clay, sand and water to plaster or repair a house wall?

Constructing a cardboard house model

Designing a real house starts with drawing a concept and making a small model. You can then see in 3D how big the roof is or whether the walls are too high and the windows too small.

Herbarium - an image made of dried plants

When arranging dry plants, we learn about different species of flowers, grasses, leaves, shrubs and trees. We learn the composition, selection of colors and shapes of individual elements of the image.