Green House


Green House - a portal about natural architecture and art is aimed at children aged 7 to 14, as well as educators and teachers.

You will find there educational materials, photos, videos, quizzes, a board game and lesson plans. It concerns the art of building in ancient times and today, with the use of natural materials. Houses with the use of natural raw materials that appear in Poland are a return to the roots and ecological thinking about modern architecture.
Architecture is all buildings, structures and installations created by man, natural because it is built of materials unprocessed in factories: wood, stone, clay, straw, reed or hemp. For millennia, man has used these materials to build housing, farm buildings for animals and crops. They were always close to human settlements, and they could be used to quickly build durable homes. Over the centuries, man has perfected himself in the art of building and producing new technologies and building materials. Huge cities, roads, airports were created, industry developed, and people extracted more and more coal, oil and other minerals. However, the development of civilization on Earth has led to environmental pollution: air, water and soil. Today, many people are working to improve the situation of our planet, including architects who are returning to natural building techniques.

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